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MMK continues to develop new steel grades

1 March 2016

MMK continues to implement the new program. It is aimed at the development of high-strength wear-resistant steels. In Magstrong new brand marks an excellent opportunity to use. At the beginning of 2016 the first batch of steel was shipped. Commercial deliveries were made to the Russian consumers. To date, the company’s subsidiaries are prepared shipments. It is planned to ensure continuous mix inflows in all regions of RF Produced steel Magstrong characteristics not worse imported counterparts. The mechanical properties of products provide toughness, improved resistance to abrasion. Also, new steel perfectly processed, and easily welded. There is an increased product life, made of rolled metal Magstrong compared to conventional materials. Superior characteristics of the product can increase the turnaround time of the equipment. It reduces the time of his downtime. Savings is observed due to reduction of metal products. The product is intended primarily for Russian companies, since it is an import substituting.

MMK decided to learn a new range in the middle of last year. Hot high margin metal is in high demand in the markets. Analysts Magnitogorsk combine we worked hard researching the market. Also we carried out the research and development processes. In November last year, the first batch of new steel was obtained. From developed brand got hot rumble N450, H400, N350. Accordingly, the hardness of brands amounted 450HBW, 400HBW, 350HBW. Test samples were transferred to the company’s core customers. It was necessary to conduct comparative tests of domestic brands and their foreign counterparts. Studies have confirmed that the performance characteristics of products are not inferior brand of leading world manufacturers. Magnitogorsk plant is not going to stop progress. Held further development of high-strength steel.

In early February, MMK completed the overhaul of the blast furnace, halted in December 2015. DP№ 9 is the most productive unit plant. Its useful volume of 2014 m 3. Operation began in 1964. Over the entire period the volume of blast furnace smelting reached about 80 mln. Tons.

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