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ferrotitanium sector continues to remain in place

28 February 2016

In early February, the European market of ferrotitanium observed lack of activity. From the first days of the month in the spot market dynamics it was close to zero. Transactions between consumers and suppliers a real rarity. Consumers are not going to buy the products. Specialists are unable to make any accurate assumptions about the future of the sector. Those analysts who risk articulate forecasts are not too optimistic. The cost of the metal in the beginning of February remained at the level of 3,40−3,70 USD / kg in warehouses in Rotterdam. However, the actual price does not exceed 3,45−3,55 USD / kg. Chinese market showed a somewhat greater activity. It was highly demanded material with 70% metal content. The representative of Liaoning Province, the manufacturer of ferrotitanium, reported January sales. Their amount he claims was a minimum of 400 tonnes. The cost of materials remained at the previous level of 22 500 to 24 500 yuan per ton. In terms of dollars per tonne given 3414−3717 USD. It was assumed that the market will remain fairly stable, as well as price.

In the 20 days of the month the price of ferrotitanium in the European market continued its decline. This is not surprising, given the remaining weak sales. Manufacturers are forced to reduce prices, because there is low liquidity of the material. Guest experts are unanimous enough. From 15 to 19 February the cost of 65−70% ferrotitanium fell another 20 cents. As a result, the price per ton of metal in a warehouse in Rotterdam amounted to 3,20−3,50 USD / kg. Metal Bulletin representatives pointed out the cost per tonne within the limits of 3,30−3,65 USD / kg. In the Chinese titanium sector in January sales of products was still limited. Industrial consumers are not built up, but did not reduce the demand. The price expected to remain within the former. Titanium standard sheet with a thickness of 2 mm, in the end of January was estimated at 80−85 yuan / kg. At the rate it is about 12−12,9 USD / kg. The price of titanium tube 25×2 mm ranged from 92 to 100 yuan / kg. The dollar reached a value of 13,9−15 USD / kg. However, at the end of the month there was growth of purchases for February production. If we compare the results with the December figures, the spot market has demonstrated growth transactions. In January, the Chinese company Haibeilai Ferroalloys Co. It resumed production of ferrotitanium. Annual production capacity is demonstrated by the company, it is 3600 tonnes of metal.

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