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TMK has provided information on the work done in 2015

7 February 2016

TMK Company has published data on the work carried out in 2015. During this period the company has put consumers 3873 ths. Tons. This figure is lower than the result in 2014 by 11.5%. The fall has occurred against a meaningful decrease in shipments of American division. Volumes in US supplies changed from the low amount of drilling work. In IVkvartale shipments fell by 4% compared to IIIkvartala. Indicators reached 938,000 tons. Deliveries of seamless production fell by 5% at an annual rate relative to 2014. The results reached a level of 2413 thousand. Tonnes. In IVkvartale indicators rose by 4.6% relative to IIIkvartala, amounting to 613,000 tons.

Decreased and the delivery of welded pipes. Annual figures fell by 20.5% compared to 2014. The results have made 1460 thousand. Tonnes. In IVkvartale volumes shipped products fell by 16.8% compared to IIIkvartala. Indicators reached the level of 325,000 tonnes. Quantity shipped OCTG pipes decreased by 23.6% over last year. The result thus reached 1,480 thousand. Tonnes. The decline in production was observed against the background of declining demand the US market. In the IVkvartale there was an increased demand from the Russian oil and gas companies. The increase was 14.4% compared to IIIkvartala. The result was 388 000 tonnes.

Deliveries thread premium connections fell by 9.3% relative to IVkvartale IIIkvartala. Sales of connections TMK UP was thus 152 000 shares. The annual rate of set connections decreased by 23.3% compared to 2014. The number of sales reached 152,000 units.

Russian Division in IVkvartale delivered to customers 793 000 tons of pipes. This figure is 3.7% lower than the results IIIkvartala. Deliveries of seamless pipes have increased by 4.5% to 498,000 tonnes. Number OCTGvozros shipped to the level of 304,000 tonnes. Indicators thus improved by 20.6%. Deliveries of welded pipes decreased by 14.9% to reach 295 000 tonnes. Shipped in IVkvartale LDP reached the level of 158,000 tonnes. The increase in relative IIIkvartala was 21.4%. Overall, in 2015 the Russian division supplied the 3137 th. Tons of steel pipes. Compared to the 2014 year result improved by 5.1%. Growth was observed on the background of the increased volumes of drilling processes. Accordingly, the increased demand for large-diameter pipes.

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