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Eurofer optimistic

3 February 2016

Metallurgical European association Eurofer optimistic. Representatives of the Association of hope for improvement in the steel market in 2016−2017. According to Eurofer demand for European Union countries rent increased in the past year. The increase relative to 2014 was 2.3%. The basic sectors that consume metal demand increase was 2%. It is expected that in 2016−2017 there will be a 1.5% expansion of real consumption.

Association representatives are considering the expansion of the European economy, which came on IIpolugodie 2015. Growth was observed due to the industry, aimed at the private use of the metal. These sectors include the automotive industry and household appliances. At their expense was offset by the decline, which was formed in tube-rolling sector. Eurofer believes that in 2016−2017 for all sectors, aimed at the growth of investment. It's machine-building and construction industry. Their development will be observed against the background of low interest rates. Also play a role and state aid in Europe's economy. However, without some risks will not do. It is not excluded that the European Union affected by poor performance in China and other countries market. Also, their negative impact will and the global economic downturn.

In this case the possible improvement in the EU economy do not guarantee improvements for the metallurgical industry. Eurofer, on the other hand, speaks of her vulnerability. Not the best situation of the industry there is against the background of declining competitiveness. The Association reviewed the data for the 11-month period of 2015. According to them, the volume of imports of finished steel increased to the level of 4.46 million. Tons. The growth of supply in the EU increased by 25.5% compared to 2014. As far as European exports, it decreased by 5.2%. In numerical terms, this 1.26 million. Tons. Apparently, in 2015, the EU remains the position of net exporter of steel. This surplus threatens to fall to less than 1 million. Ton. For comparison — in 2012 the figure reached the level of 13.85 million tonnes.

Eurofer representatives have expressed concerns about the suppliers from outside the EU. They are quite capable to take advantage of the expansion of steel consumption. Meanwhile, domestic producers may lose his position on the same market. According to Eurofer and the European leading companies in large-scale restrictions are necessary. They should address the imported steel products. However, the volume of imported rolled on the EU market does not exceed 12−14% in 2015. It is unlikely that such a number can play a decisive role.

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