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Vietnam Steel sector can not agree

24 February 2016

Metallurgical sector of Vietnam is now watching the confrontation between the domestic companies. an anti-dumping investigation began in December 2015. It has affected imported billet and certain types of steel. Some mini-mills made a proposal on the temporary restriction of import of specified products. Reduction in import volumes was proposed to achieve by increasing the period of investigation duties. However, such measures are not satisfied with the distributors who use purchased intermediates.

Steelmakers say about losses, with increased volume of supplies of imported billet. In 2015, the level of imported goods reached 1.9 mln. Tons. Compared to 2014 figures have increased threefold. At the same time increased and stocks. In 2015, the warehouses of the country's semi-finished unsold volumes increased by 70%. Distributors also strongly opposed the introduction of provisional duties. Moreover, they need to stop and investigate. It is likely that it may lead to the establishment of protective duties. Explaining their own position, they consider the period of 2008−2010 years. Then import volumes were higher, but no problems. As to the difficulties faced by the mini-mills, it is a question of insufficient demand. National power produce semi-finished products several times more objective needs. Metallurgical Vietnamese Association VNA on the side of steel producers. In support of the Association's own opinion it has provided over the last year data. 63% of imports came from the Chinese billet delivery. And the cost caused a lot of criticism. It was about 100 USD / ton less than that of semi-finished products of domestic manufacturers. It can be assumed that, without the introduction of restrictive measures the consequences will be dire. A number of Vietnamese producers waiting for bankruptcy. And the decline is observed in related sectors.

Companies in 2015, filed a complaint on imports of billet suffered real damage. World steel market in recent years there has been increasing protectionist tendencies. Against this background, not surprising conflicts between importers and producers. If protective tariffs will be introduced, changes to stir the global market of ferrous metals. That Vietnam in 2015 was the main consumer of China's semi-finished products.

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