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Russian exporters assess anti-dumping duties

15 February 2016

Representatives of the largest export companies in Russia shared their opinion. They review the situation with the anti-dumping duties imposed on cold-rolled steel by the European Commission. Novolipetsk MK believes that the duties would reduce competition in the European market. Also, its representatives say about a possible increase in the cost of cold-rolled steel. Potentially, this trend will positively affect the rolling NLMK Europe. To date, their power is not loaded fully. At the same time the company's representatives assured of mistaken decisions by the European Commission. They ignored the facts and arguments provided by the Russian side. In conducting the investigation took into account incorrect information source. NLMK is going to insist on a review of the case in order to correct that mistake. As for supply, the company plans to continue to export products. There are certain contractual obligations that must be met.

MMK is also not happy with the decision of the European Commission. Company representatives say that all deliveries are made ​​at market value. This CMI should be clearly established by international law. The company plans to take all possible legal measures to challenge the imposed duties.

Severstal representatives claim that the imposed anti-dumping duties violate WTO law. The complaint indicates violations in the process of calculating the duty and the article paragraphs.

The European Commission initiated an anti-dumping investigation in May last year. The complaint received by the association Eurofer. The lawsuit accused the Russian and Chinese steelmakers in the understatement of the cost of cold-rolled steel. Meanwhile, representatives of the Russian steel industry are going to complain A. Dvorkovich. At a meeting on metallurgy is considered the decline in domestic demand. Also discuss undergo safety investigations initiated in EU against Russian steel products. It is expected that the financial damage at the same time will be about 1 billion. USD / year. Experts believe that the Russian metallurgists are not too injured to date. However, manufacturers are assured — the trend is not happy, the worst is yet to come. Steel consumption in the country this year continued to decline. If in 2015, the drop was 12%, in 2016 it is supposed to be reduced by 10%.

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