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NLMK continues to increase capacity

14 February 2016

NLMK Group continues to modernize the enterprise. In Lipetsk site completed testing of the new technology. This is an aggregate number of hot-dip galvanizing continuously 1. Reconstruction of increased productivity. In particular, the volume of production ANGTS1 increased by 30% to 500,000 tonnes / year. Overall production at the Lipetsk site increased by 11% to 1.25 million. Tons. Galvanized rolled NLMK produced for the automotive industry, construction industry, household appliances. It is expected that the unit will reach full capacity by April 2016. Successful completion of the project will enhance NLMK's position in the rental sector with high added value. The demand for these products increases the power producers. Imported volumes are also of considerable importance. For the year from other countries imported more than 1 mln. Tons of rolled products.

By the way, on the reconstruction project ANGTS1 knocked out ever of the works. Its implementation is unique, given the timing and the volume of work. In total it took 90 days for the installation of automated control system. Also, the reconstruction of the furnace has been carried out. In the same period, made the installation of new technological equipment. Modernization of the unit is not only aimed at increasing production. Improvements will reduce the use of natural gas by 25%. Decrease and consumption of electrical energy by optimizing equipment. Also pollution of the environment will be reduced. The volume of emissions reduced by 30%. Such a result would be possible due to the improvement of post-combustion gas systems. The project cost amounted to about 2 billion. RUB. It is assumed that the cost recovery will take 2 years.

NLMK Group occupies a leading position among Russian producers of galvanized steel. The total share of NLMK's rolled manufactured in the country produces 21% of the production. Galvanized steel is produced at the Lipetsk site. Four units of hot-dip galvanizing continuously engaged in the process. Last year, their total output exceeded 1.1 mln. Tons. The thickness of the produced rolled from 0.4 mm to 4 mm. Bandwidth — up to 1800 mm. Scope of products — automotive parts, construction steel, roll-formed profiles and so on. Production annual capacity to develop the Group began more than 17 million. Tons.

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