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RMK submitted documentation to conduct an independent audit

16 February 2016

Russian Copper Company is fully prepared for an independent environmental audit. Submission of documentation related to the project Tomino GOK. Self Audit appointed under an agreement between the management of RCC and the governor of the Chelyabinsk region. The package of necessary documents sent to the Ministry of Environment of the Chelyabinsk region. The right to conduct environmental impact assessment was submitted to the end of 2015. It granted the Ural State Mining University.

Documents had accumulated a lot. In general, their number amounted to 488 volumes. These include the design documentation. They also included reports on engineering research. They were carried out at the stage of preliminary project design. This also includes the results of research projects. They were carried out by the specialized agencies. In the list of available assessment of the impact of work on Shershni reservoir. There are also results of hydrogeological investigations and so on. Documentation The transfer took place with the participation of Andrei Novoselov. He is the Deputy Minister of Environment of the Chelyabinsk region. A. Novoselov said that in addition to the project documentation experts received another package. It contains comments and suggestions concerning the inhabitants of the region Tomino GOK.

Project documentation gathered for the independent audit consists of several packages. In addition to the main issue related to the extraction and processing of raw materials, are considered additional objects. Auxiliary buildings include access roads, water supply projects, electrification and other businesses. Project documentation Tomino GOK must pass not only one environmental audit. Among the prerequisites for urban planning expertise. Environmental impact assessment has already given a positive response with respect to certain objects. This structure, associated with the location of waste — tailings storage, mining and transport sectors. These facilities comply with all environmental regulations. These findings also included in the list of documents submitted for an environmental audit.

In general, information was collected, designed for a full assessment of the available documentation on the project. RMK can count on an objective assessment of all aspects of the project. Ural Mining University specialists have extensive experience and highly qualified. It is assumed that the conclusion will be ready in July this year.

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