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In "Electrozinc" and summed up last year's results of CZP

17 January 2016

The plant «Electrozink», which is part of UGMK announced preliminary results of the previous year. Plans have also been drawn up for 2016. Igor Khadyka, general director of the plant, reported production figures were surpassed 2015. As a result, the company's net profit expectations will be about 150 mln. RUB. I. Khadyka emphasized the fact that 2015 was quite complicated. The foreign exchange market was quite unpredictable, making it difficult to work. The cost of imported equipment increased as expected. Against this background, increased and the cost of manufactured goods. However, for «Electrozink» I ended the year with good results. This performance was better than in 2014. a series of activities was carried out, aimed at the development of the plant. The program is implemented in order to reduce production costs. Also with a view of the plant is improved product quality. The program provides capacity and environmental safety of production processes.

Last year, the improvement of basic technological equipment sulfuric acid plant has been invested more than 80 million. RUB. For repair work in the departments of the auxiliary and main loop went over 300 million. RUB. Replacing old equipment cost s 147 million. RUB.

In December 2015, the management company has set a plan in 2016. According to it is planned to increase production of zinc and 63 000 tonnes. 2015 The indicator was 58 000 tonnes. In accordance with the development program is planned to purchase new equipment. It includes a drying tower and wash tower acid plant. Their construction stipulated by the agreement between «Electrozink» Rospotrebnadzor and North Ossetia. The agreement stipulates the provision of favorable sanitary and epidemiological conditions in Vladikavkaz. The investment program includes disbursements of $ 223 million. RUB.

A preliminary assessment on the results of CZP indicates the amount of commercial zinc production of more than 170 000 tonnes. The plant's management says its intention to increase its output to 200 000 tonnes after 2 years. In this case the main problem for CZP — reducing demand for the commodity. Also taken into account and the fall of zinc on the London Stock Exchange value. At the same time the current situation of the plant management can not affect. Because we have to learn to operate under specified conditions.

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