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Uralelectromed building a new experimental site

18 January 2016

Uralelectromed part of UMMC metallurgical complex, building a new experimental site. Its activities will be focused on silvering copper powder products. Operation of the new site will enable the development of new technology. Thus, the company will be able to increase the readiness of products. Investment in the project is planned at the level of 20 mln. RUB.

Alexander peasant, who is head of the technical department of the company, told about the technology. It is known that during the time oxidized copper. Moreover, its electrical conductivity decreases. Precious metals — including silver and — are highly resistant to external influences. This includes the negative impact of the external environment. In addition, the data in the best electrical conductivity of metals. Silver-products of the copper powder will increase its electrical conductivity. However, the increase and its life span. This procedure will increase the competitiveness of manufactured products.

The new site will be in the area of ​​hydrometallurgical chemical and metallurgical plant. The process chain includes galvanic baths. They are equipped with filtration systems and the circulation of electrolytes. The total number of bathrooms eighteen 2e are intended for silvering. The process of silvering includes several stages. They include the preparation of solutions and electrolytes. Then comes the preparation of the product to the silvering. This includes degreasing, copper plating, silver plating, etching, rinsing. This is followed by applying a silver coating. Its layer is 6−17 microns. The technology involves the use of special anodes. They are made of refined silver. Their production has been directly Uralelectromed.

To date, the workshop finished civil works. Produced installation of technological equipment. Introduction to the operation of the site is scheduled for early 2016. This is a refresher workshop specialists. Apparatchiks reeducated in electroplating as a result of a special training program.

The company has its own production of copper powder products. Goods used in construction, energy, manufacturing, aerospace, optical sector. Also, they use the defense industry.

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