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On the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in 2015

5 December 2015

The collapse of the Soviet Union initiated the formation of 15 independent states. Whatever peace may be parting with any country always needs its own armed forces. And Ukraine is no exception. In 1991, December 6, the Government signed a decree on the formation of private armies. Since that day, the feast of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is celebrated annually in the country. Simultaneously with the signing of the Decree adopted and regulations to regulate the military sector. Today, if we talk about the military power it takes IImesto Ukraine after Russia.

By the time the Soviet Union Ukraine has the most advanced weaponry. It was about nuclear weapons. However, after the formation of the new powers, America and Europe have raised the question of gradual nuclear disarmament of the former USSR. As a result, the required documents have been signed and the program was launched. By the beginning of June 1996, the Government of Ukraine has reported a relatively complete disarmament of nuclear weapons. Response of the Russian and the other parties to the agreement was the signing of the Ukrainian power integrity agreement.

Today, the Ukrainian army is composed of three major elements of the military. We are talking about the Army, of the Navy and Air Force of the country. The infantry has the highest strength. It comprises troops, missile troops and armored groups. This also included the army and parts related to air defense. In addition to these components, and a significant role for the internal troops, border troops and rescue service. Experience in military operations in Ukraine is quite large. This statement applies to foreign states. Getting foreign country had a military career in 1992.

Creation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine passed more than two decades. There are a number of basic steps in this process:

· From 1991 to 1996 form the basis of the Armed Forces;

· In 1997−2000, the building had to;

· 2001−2005 year — reform;

· From 2006 to 2011 — the development of the military sector of the country;

· Since 2012 — the reform and development of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

However, only a year in 2014 we can say that it had to base the formation of the present Ukrainian Armed Forces. Every year Ukraine celebrates the national holiday of the military 6 December, timed to coincide with the adoption of «On the Armed Forces of Ukraine» of the law.

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