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"Uralelectromed" modernize the copper smelting plant

6 December 2015

The company «Uralelectromed», part of the complex of UMMC, modernize the copper smelting plant. Modernization will affect the gas treatment plant facilities. Installation of additional equipment will be made ​​to the anode furnace. The project cost is expected to more than 40 million. RUB. Now gas purification 5-reflective furnaces produced by 4 bag filters. Setting yet another filter to reduce the load of the existing equipment. The result will be enhanced reliability and increased service life. According to Ivan Turchaninova, shop superintendent, the modernization will improve the management of production processes. When gas treatment will be captured much of the dust. At the same time increase the quality of the extracted in the production of copper products. Another advantage of the new filter — Improving Forced draft mode. Due to this, in the anode furnace flues decrease settling dust.

To date, preparatory work on the dismantling of metal structures and towers. Until the end of 2015 is scheduled pouring foundations for filters and exhaust fans support. It will be purchased new equipment for gas purification. It will include silos, exhaust fans, screw conveyor and filter housing. The additional purchase will include frames and filter bags. The equipment will be purchased from local producers. The company plans to implement the project independently. The work is expected to have on the I half of 2016.

This project is carried out as a continuation of the implementation of environmental programs by «Uralelectromed». As part of the workshop program, producing copper and precious metals, are equipped with gas cleaning systems. The first gas cleaning began its work in 1999 in copper-smelting shop. Fully complex was built in 2003. Starting plants allowed to remove the air pollution problem. Bag filters purify the environment from copper smelting waste production by 99.8%.

The process of purification is done in several stages. Originally from the furnace gas flows techno-energy unit. There it cools, large dust particles are deposited in the process. Next, the gas filter. Dust the surface with the sleeves removed recovery system. Release of the purified gas into the atmosphere through a stack is made. Collected dust is given in the pipeline, there is poured into the container. After that it is shipped in the «Production Polymetal» in Kirovograd.

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