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Steel production continues to decline

1 December 2015

According to information from the WSA, in October 2015 the global steel output reached 133.6 million. Tons. This figure compared with last year's result shows a decline of 3.1%. The average capacity utilization fell to 68.3% compared to September 2015. In September it was 69.3% in October 2014 — 71.7%. This result is higher than the August figure was 68%. In October 2015 the average daily volume of steel produced reached 4.31 million. Tons. In comparison to the September data shows a decrease of 1.4%. For 10mesyachny period amounts resulting steel amounted to 1.346 billion. Tons. Compared with the same period of 2014 reached 2.5% decline. If we translate the figure in the numerical expression, it has reached 35 mln. Tons. In October, China's production of the world production had 49.5%. Regarding the same period in 2014 the decline has reached 16.2 million tons -. 2.3%. In other countries, the overall performance decreased by 2.7% (18.8 million. Tons).

In September it was announced data showing that China has reduced the production capacity and volumes of smelting. At the same time the real decline was very moderate. The October results show steel production at 66.1 million. Tons. This figure is only 3.1% below last year's result of the same period. This CISA estimated the sizes and steel consumption. In October, its volume decreased by 5.7%. Incoming data from China optimism steel sector do not inspire. GDP growth is increasing, its structure changes. Investments in fixed assets and real estate falls. Accordingly, reduced the share of construction and industry. The increase is due to the service sector and other non-material sectors. Changes in the existing trends are not expected. This requires a source of growth of China industry. He must replace the export factor in other countries.

It is possible that India will be able to circumvent the terms of GDP, China in 2015. Regarding 10mesyachny 2014 for the period 2015 Indian steel sector has the highest growth. Complaints of domestic producers in import volume growth have not disappeared. And while in January-October, steel production increased by 3.3%. The increase was above the 2.4 mln. Tons compared to the same period in 2014. On II and III place were South Africa and Poland. It is in these countries after India observed absolute increase during this period. South Africa shows an increase of more than 840 000 tonnes. Poland expanded its production almost 800 000 tonnes.

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