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UAE will improve the metallurgical industry performance by 30%

1 December 2015

Metallurgical Company «Conares» takes IImesto UAE among manufacturers. Its CEO Bharat Bhatia sure that the potential growth of the country's steel industry 30%. This comparison is made with respect to these indicators by the end of 10 years. Of course, the complexity of the economic situation did not disappear. Own the difficulties experienced and the UAE construction sector. At the same time the United Arab Emirates rolled consumption remains at the same level. Since 2017 and all expected to increase at an annual level not less than 10%. It will be driven by the implementation of new projects. They, in turn, are planned in the framework of the preparatory works to the «Expo-2020». Another contributing factor — adopted in 2015 state program «Vision 2021». In 1971, 50 years ago the state was created by the United Arab Emirates. On the anniversary of the Government intends to bring it to the leading position among the countries in terms of life. For this purpose, provided investments in education, medicine, food industry and environmental safety.

According to Bharat Bhatia amount of reinforcement required for the implementation of the projects will be 3−4 mln. Tons. In the past year, the demand reached 3−3.3 mln. Tons. In 2008−2009, the real estate market has reached a critical state. After this long steel sector is recovering, with an annual consumption growth of about 5−15%. In the UAE, the largest integrated steel producer is the company «Emirates Steel Industries». at the beginning of 2015 representatives of the company evaluated the production rolling capacity of 4.1 million. tons of reinforcement. Metal products was 1.3 million tons, rolled -. 800 000 tons. To date, not used all of them. According to WSA data for the month period manufacturers have developed 2.49 million. Tons of steel. This result exceeds last year's same period by 28.6%. The result was a reduction in the volume of imported steel products. In particular, the changes have affected Turkish rebar.

Company «Conares» today operates facilities that provide the annual production of 500,000 tons of rebar. Pipe production annually is able to provide 250 000 tons of products. At the end of 2016 Ikvartala IIstana scheduled to launch the production of 250,000 tons of pipes / year. At present the company is exported 35% of pipe products. Goods in the amount available for the border of the Persian Gulf.

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