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Ukrainian «Centravis» plans to hold the position

29 November 2015

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine, unfortunately, have not gone away. That did not prevent the Ukrainian manufacturer of stainless steel tubes to participate in the «Metal-Expo». «Centravis» among European manufacturers is a leader in manufacturing stainless seamless pipes. The production area comprises Tube drawing, tube pressing plant. About 60% of the products the company sells in the EU. 40% are supplied to CIS markets, North America and other countries. Yuriy Atanasov, CEO, shared his plans for the future. He also explained the desire to «Centravis» to keep busy in the Russian market positions. This strategy, developed by the company's specialists. It should be the policy of «The consumer will judge who is right.» Only the market determines the prospects of the participants. And political instability is unlikely to affect the presence of «Centravis» in the Russian market. For its part, the Ukrainian company makes the market more stable in terms of deliveries. Expanding the possibilities of alternative proposals.

That brought in 2015 for the Ukrainian companies? According to Yu Atanasova fluctuations of the ruble has strengthened the position of «Centravis». It produces in RUBkompaniya operation. Some sharp differences have forced management to lower production volumes. However, they are not very significant. The company focuses on the activities of those branches, which are able to ensure the competitiveness of products. Sales Policy «Centravis» includes work with independent dealers and end users. Naturally, the main activity is focused on the end user. Especially this factor concerns the design of supply. However, the company is committed to a distribution warehouse no shortage of its products. This primarily refers to the regions where there are own warehouses «Centravis».

Recently, the Ukrainian company was included in the list of regular suppliers «Valmet». This is one of the leading Finnish corporations. The main activity — the energy industry. The Corporation manufactures, installs and carries out complex service gasifiers, pyrolysis plants, boilers and generating plants. Also «Valmet» is engaged in equipment designed to protect the environment. Availability «Centravis» in the list of its partners will provide additional opportunities for the implementation of stainless steel seamless pipe. In particular, the tender supply super critical boiler tubes provided project «Valmet».

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