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Polar Division "Norilsk Nickel" has started pilot tests

10 November 2015

Polar Division «Norilsk nickel» has started pilot tests. Experts forge processing of technogenic raw materials supplied copper plant. Tests are carried out at the Norilsk concentrating production. Experts believe that the success of the project will provide additional inflow of salable copper at 5000 tons / year. At the Copper Plant in the process of smelting iron and steel «poor momentum» generated annually. Their number reached about 100 000 tonnes. This man-made materials, the share of non-ferrous metals which is very low. Raw or reused in industrial processes, or stored in warehouses.

Talnakh Concentrator started to increase production capacity. It provides a process for the realization of the project «IIpuskovoy complex.» As a result, at the Norilsk concentrating production released by a certain percentage of production capacity. Experts believe that the effectiveness of the equipment should be enhanced. The result was a decision on the processing speed of the Copper Plant. The job will run feed stockpiled in recent years. It is expected that the volume of recyclable «poor circulation» will be able to reach 90 000 tons per month. Experts say about getting extra 5,000 tonnes of salable copper.

Preparation of the project involved experts Copper Plant. Also attended by the employees of Norilsk processing industry. Not without the production management of the Polar Division «Norilsk Nickel», scientific and technical management. Pilot-scale tests will last until the beginning of December. In case of positive results of the Norilsk factory production capacity is guaranteed by the constant loading. Raw Copper Plant enough for a couple of years.

In general IIIkvartale 2015 «Norilsk Nickel» has developed about 92 000 tons of copper. This figure is lower than the result IIkvartala 1%. volume decrease was primarily due to planned maintenance. Norilsk Nickel Harjavalta refinery forced to stop the equipment for carrying out the works. Another factor influencing the production — low copper content in the raw material of the Polar Division. During the period, the volume of generated 9mesyachny copper reached 274,000 tons. Volumes produced nickel for IIIkvartal reached the level of over 62 000 tonnes. IIkvartala figure exceeds these results by 2%.

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