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US Steel Corporation blast furnace stopped

24 November 2015

Leading in the US steel sector corporation US Steel has reduced production capacity in Alabama. The steel mill blast furnace was stopped Fairfield. Corporation officials say the closure of a permanent character. Operate the stove in the future the company does not intend to. This event is deprived of work about 1.1 thousand employees of the plant. However, the management assures that will provide them with employment in other industries group.

In the south-east of America Fairfield Steel Works is one of the largest. It is located in Birmingham County, Alabama. Annual production capacity has reached slightly less than 2.2 million. Tons. Main products — hot rolled coils, cold rolled, galvanized and. The complex — Electro-shop and the enterprise for the production of pipes. The latter produces a seamless products in the annual volume of about 680 000 tonnes. However, the Corporation intends to maintain the production of pipes at the plant.

This is not the first stop Fairfield blast furnace. At the end of last year blast furnace ceased operation due to negative market conditions. Return to the operation was in June 2015. However, in August the head of the corporation decided in favor of the final shutdown of the furnace. Mario Longhi, President and CEO of US Steel said that this difficult decision is only one of many. In 2015 the active work to optimize existing assets. Everything is done in the interest of the established and long-term competitiveness on a global scale.

Overall in 2015, the work could lose more than 4,000 US Steel employees. Probably at the end of the year to stop another Iron and Steel Works Group. It is located in the state of Illinois, in Granite City. The annual production capacity reaches 2.5 mln. Tons of steel. The plant specializes in the production of oil and gas pipe production. The reason for the stop — the consolidation process to develop a North American rolled products. Procedure Plant 2000 employees have received a notification. In January 2015, the corporation stopped the operation of one of the 2 mill furnaces. The project involved the upgrade and it was completed in August. However, by the operation of the blast furnace is not returned. Enterprise Work continued at reduced power, reaching about 1.45 million. tons. Now stop plant operations looks almost solved the case.

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