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"Kazakhmys" summed up the results for the period 9mesyachny

1 November 2015

«Kazakhmys» Corporation has published the results for the period January-September 2015. Overfulfillment plan for ore extraction amounted to 6%. For I-IIIkvartaly amount received in excess of planned raw material reached 118.5 ths. Tons. In general, during the period 9mesyachny received more than 21 million. Tons. Development of copper concentrate reached 181.5 ths. Tons. This performance exceeded the plan by 5.4 thous. Tons. The increase amounted to 3%. Guide Corporation strives to constantly improve the level of extraction of metals in concentrate. To this end, revised existing technological parameters enrichment. By carrying out research projects selected reagents. To determine the high-flotation equipment are conducted industrial tests. Today held a portion of said work on Zhezkazgan concentrators.

Krykpyshev Bakhtiar, CEO of the corporation, confident in the stable operation of «Kazakhmys». The world market shows a decline in the value of non-ferrous metals. Observed crisis trends, difficulties in the economy. This «Kazakhmys» corporation provides the raw material extraction and metal production. Management cares about safety, this problem remains a priority. «Kazakhmys» has invested in projects for its increase of over 68 billion. Tenge.

Do not stand still, and technical re-equipment program. Last year, a large part of investments was directed to modernization and equipment restoration. Also carried out mining works at the operating mines. In 2014 he launched a number of projects in Karaganda region. They provide for the establishment plan to finalize and exploration Zhezkazgan mine. The possibility of the construction of plants for processing copper rougher concentrate. Conducts a project for Smart-complex Nurkazgan. Within the framework of the project «West Nurkazgan» completed the construction of a crushing and conveyor complex. It was over reconstruction concentrators Karagaily and Balkhash. Zhezkazgan smelter resumed production.

The work involved research institutes. Technological regulations were developed for processing enterprises. The main objective was to improve the quality indicators in the processing of raw materials. Until the end of 2015, Kazakhmys has planned an investment of $ 55 billion. Tenge.

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