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The global stainless steel market is not recovering

27 October 2015

The global stainless steel market continues to stagnate. The summer holiday season is over, but the stainless steel purchases have not increased. Demand continues to be weak. The proposal also continues to grow. Accordingly, the cost of production is reduced consistently. Statistics points to restore the West's economies. When this stainless steel intake virtually unchanged. There is the effect of declining investments in a number of industrial sectors. His influence was a crisis of overproduction. It affects Asia, Europe and North America. Particularly noticeable its effect on China. Over the last ten years in China steel output has increased more than 4 times. Last year, China's share in world production of stainless steel was 52%. In 2006, the figure was 18.5%.

Its impact on the cost of steel has a drop in nickel prices. In European countries, on the award of stainless steel 304 with 10.2014 fell by approximately 25%. However, analysts are quite optimistic MEPSnastroeny. According to them, the price of nickel reached the lower limit. Now you can count on the stability of the end of this year.

In Russia, production of stainless steel for 8 months fell by 5.2% compared to last year. The volume reached 49,736 tons. Development of hot rolled flat products fell by 1.6% to 13,795 tonnes. Release of cold-rolled flats fell by 22.1% to 3211 tonnes. Long products showed a drop of 24.6% to reach 19,933 tons. Against this background, increased release of billets. It reached 12,797 tons, showing an increase of 62.6%. Among the manufacturers of leading WMC «Red October», issuing 43.7% of total production. Chelyabinsk MK produced 19.7% of the production, Zlatoust MK 15.1%. Followed by the Ministry of Health «Elektrostal» with the index of 11.4%, and «Izhstal», which released 7.3%. Import basic stainless products fell by 18.4% in January-August 2014 relative. Its volume reached 140,883 tons. Exports fell by 52.1% and amounted to 3137 tons.

Shipments of Chinese stainless flat products also fell. In August, the volume reached 243,923 tons. In August 2014 deliveries reached 255,268 tons. However, in July results were worse reaching 216,786 tons. Shipments from South Korea fell by 5.9%. In September, Taiwan has reduced the volume of imports at 617 tonnes compared to August. During this period, the volume of supply in the country reached 79.977 thousand. Tonnes.

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