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In III quarter, "Norilsk Nickel" has reduced the production figures

2 November 2015

As a result IIIkvartala Corporation «Norilsk Nickel» has released over 62 000 tons of nickel. This figure is 2% lower than IIkvartala. The decline in production is due to stop nickel refining plant in Finland. The equipment scheduled maintenance took place during this period. Another factor — the decline in low-margin tolling operatsy Kola Peninsula. However, nickel smelting of raw materials in its IIIkvartale reached about 55 000 tonnes. Compared with the results IIkvartala 2015 performance has improved by 5%.

For 9mesyachny period of «Norilsk Nickel» has produced about 194,000 tonnes of metal. Compared with the same period last year rates have declined by 3%. Again, the decreased marginally operatsy Kola Peninsula. In addition, it closed the deal on the implementation of the asset Tati Nickel. African company was sold in IIkvartale 2015. In January-September of nickel production from its raw materials reached a level of 161,000 tonnes. This figure below last year's result by 1%.

Kola MMC was obtained first nickel electrolysis plant products after its modernization. For several years, Ceng-1 was forced conserved. Meanwhile, «Norilsk Nickel» continues to implement the new strategy. Within its framework, increase the volume of nickel production. This fact provided the impetus for the resumption of production processes Ceng-1. The new flowsheet workshop involved the original decision of experts. Spa electro-extraction are used as chlorine sources. Resulting in them by the electrolysis of chlorine discharged to the GMOs. There it is used for the manufacture of solutions required parameters and Conditions. This technology has enabled Ceng-1 forget about active storage of chlorine. The manufacturing process is now spending less money. At the same time reduce environmental risks. It was available for, given the content and the transport of dangerous substances. Project management capacity is 45 000 tons / year. her output will be completed in the middle of next year.

In addition Kola MMC continued to land restoration. In Monchegorsk imported in excess of 2000 W m fertile land. The company takes care of the restoration of soil cover. Moreover, not only near the industrial area. Processed and the territory adjacent to the production shops. Investments in this process up to 3.8 million. RUB.

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