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Happy Machinist 2015

27 September 2015

In 1980, on October 01 decree of the USSR Presidium of the Supreme Soviet issued a decree for the 3018 X-number. He brought another change in the «Holidays and Memorable Days» and touched Mechanical Engineers Day. Adopted a resolution engendered history of the professional holiday of the industry. Mechanical engineering is a complex that can produce an impressive range of products. It includes the industrial sector of the economy producing goods and vehicles. And enterprises focused on the issue of defense products and consumer goods. Machinery can be safely called a basic sector of the economy, the link between the other leading industries. And this machinery ensures stable operation of other branches and fills the consumer market. The technology industry is the core of engineering went to the leading role.

Mechanical engineering — an important element for the development of any country. His influence on the defenses on the performance of the gross domestic product, on the environmental level is undeniable. With the level of engineering development is closely related to the well-being of other manufacturers. Because it is not surprising that the expansion of the sector, improving the machine-building complex are priorities. As for the traditions, even 35 years ago, and today is celebrated solemnly the Day of Mechanical Engineering and in a big way in Russia.

In Ukraine, the professional holiday falls on the fourth the September Sunday. The presidential decree has fixed the date of Machine Builder's Day in 1993, 8 September. To date, the structure of the machinery sector includes more than 2,800 industrial enterprises. 230 organizations engaged in scientific and technical developments. The number of workers in the sector exceeds 1 million. Man. Ukrainian equipment is in demand from both domestic and foreign consumers. In 2008, machine-building enterprises in addition to traditional products developed and produced over 500 new titles.

Good tradition was the awarding of the best workers on the eve of the professional holiday. Intermediate branch honorary title «Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine," «Honored Engineer of Ukraine», «Honored Worker of Industry of Ukraine».

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