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Analysts promise to increase the consumption of stainless steel

28 September 2015

IIkvartale In 2015, European countries saw an increase in stainless steel production. Indicators regarding Ikvartala improved by 2.1% to 1,917,700 tons. However, compared to the same period last year has worsened to 3.4%. The European stainless steel production countries for the first half fell by 5.2% to 3.876 million tons. In producing the leaders had escaped Belgium, Italy, Finland, Spain and Sweden. The share of Belgium had 21.7% of the production, Italy — 20%, Finland — 17.6%, Sweden — 8.9%, Spain — 13.4%. The decrease showed Italy, to reduce the production by 11.6% to reach 773 500 tonnes. Germany showed a decline of 43.7% to 290,500 tonnes. In the UK, there was a decrease in the level of 21.9% to reach 139 700 tonnes. France — 8.6%, to a level of 163,300 tonnes. Belgium increased the production volumes of stainless steel by 10.1% to 841,900 tonnes. Spain showed an increase of 1.4% to reach 518 900 tonnes. Sweden added 18.2%, reaching 346,000 tons. Finland — 4.7%, which amounted to 682 900 tonnes. Slovenia's performance has improved by 2.4%, reaching the level of 79,600 tonnes.

Aperam Analysts believe that in the period 2015−2019 gg. global stainless steel consumption will increase. The annual rate of growth they forecast at 4%. Under assumptions of demand for the metal in the next five years will add 1% annually in Europe. With regard to Aperam South America, experts predict growth of 3% per year. Accordingly, the rise and boot volumes of the enterprises that produce stainless steel. By results of 2014 the global consumption of stainless steel has increased by 5%. The main influencing factor was the increase in demand from China. Aperam enters itself in the ranks of the leaders for the production of stainless steel flat products. the company's capacity is about 2 million. tons per year.

In the last days of August the price of cash nickel on the London Stock Exchange fell to 9.475 thousand. USD. Metal Price 3hmesyachnoy delivery reached 9.520 thousand. USD. The volume of stocks in warehouses rose to 454.38 thousand. Tons. Stainless steel manufacturers have responded to instantly change. European Company significantly reduced the price of the doping allowances rolled with September shipments. According to experts in the last days of September, the price will continue to fall.

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