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Posco will increase the production of steel sheet

8 September 2015

Leading South Korean steel company Poskoplaniruet increase the volume of production of steel sheet in the automotive sector. Expected growth of 1 million. Ton. Annual output of rolled by 2017 at the company's plants will exceed 10 million. Tons. Earlier this month, representatives of the company announced the start of a new project. In the framework of planned construction of a metallurgical complex 7CGL, producing galvanized sheet steel. The production capacity of the complex is provided at the level of 500 000 tons of rolled metal. The new company is focused on smelting and advanced high-strength galvanized steels AHSS. This line is designed for innovative automotive series. According to preliminary estimates of the level of investment will exceed 214 million. USD. Commissioning is scheduled for June 2017.

In addition to this project in the plans Poscorasshirenie existing facilities for the production of auto steel. In 2016, the company expects to start work in the factories in China and Thailand. The total amount of sheet metal for avtostroitelnogo sector will make up 9.1 mln. Tons. By 2017 it will increase to the level of not less than 10 million. Tons. In 2014, the volume of produced steel for the automotive industry accounted for 8.5 million. Tons.

AHSS advantage compared to existing steels for automotive sheets — increased strength and lightness. Automotive preferred brand new rolling. When used, the design weight loss, preserving the required strength, will bring undoubted benefits. Rise in price of the raw material at the same time will be relatively low. As stated by representatives of the company, the new company will be the standard of engineering. In addition, its operation ensures safety of the environment.

With Poscogotova cooperate Chongqing Iron & Steel Co., one of the leaders of the Chinese steel sector. Moreover, part of the company stipulated in the two projects implemented in the territory of China. Their total cost will be about 1 billion. USD. The project for the construction of the metallurgical complex for the cold rolling will provide Chongqing Iron & Steel controlling stake. Investments by Poscosostavyat about 10−25% of the total project cost. The second project is to develop a galvanized steel provides a controlling stake in Posco shares. Investments by the South Korean company will be 51%. Project location — south-west of China, Chongqing.

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