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Titan sanctions do not threaten

7 September 2015

According to the expectations of VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation production capacity by 2020 will increase to 40 000 tons. Prerequisite are new agreements with Boeing and Airbus, which will provide additional orders. Today, corporations are consuming more than 60% of exports Avisma titanium. The blocking stake in VSMPO-Avisma belongs «Rostec», which is under sanctions. But this point does not interfere with the joint work of the titanium corporation with foreign buyers. Russian giant Experts worry. Termination of cooperation in the first place hit afford aircraft manufacturer.

For companies AirbusVSMPO-Avisma Corporation is the leading supplier. Russian specialists have developed for partner mehobrabotannuyu parts used in the newest aircraft A350XWB landing gear. In the production of the item will be implemented for 12 months. When accelerating the release A320NEO planes and A350budet to grow and the volume of deliveries. For Boeing AVISMA will become the main supplier within 777H program for the production of the new wide-body aircraft.

According to Mikhail Voevodin, General Director of VSMPO-Avisma, the tender was won by Boeing in a difficult competitive battle. In addition to Russian companies participated in it suppliers from Japan, Europe and the United States. However, the price Avisma plan together with the adaptability and reliability proved to be more profitable. The contract value was not disclosed. Under assumptions Avisma General Director for the production of titanium 777H is required by 50%, than for the model 777. The increase in production will occur at the composite wing. Its development involves replacing steel and aluminum to titanium.

Last year, the company sold 29,350 tons of titanium. Of tries on the aviation sector accounted for about 75%. The company’s specialists assess its share of the global aerospace market is 30%. Analysts VSMPO-Avisma expects that in the next decade aviation production will reach a record high. This slight decline is possible only with the change of generations of aircraft. According to forecasts of Precision Castparts Corp. in 2015 and 2016 the increase in volumes sold its products aviation industry will reach 5%.

In the aircraft industry sector demand for titanium products has seen steady growth. It is based on the increasing use of composite materials. For this reason, Avisma this sector remains the most capacious market. And Western sanctions are unlikely to threaten the company. However, not one Russian suppliers produce high-quality stamping and sponge titanium. However, the cancellation of the agreements by Boeing and Airbus will thwart their production plans. So that the cooperation will continue.

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