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Electrozink continues modernization

11 September 2015

The plant Electrozink, which is a part of UMMC metallurgical complex, work began to ensure that the inner surfaces of the wash towers corrosion protection. The wash tower are the main targets at the sulfuric acid plant modernization. The new equipment — as well as in front of this obsolete — is cleaner gas. They are formed during roasting of zinc concentrates. Also the tower removed excess impurities and dust, and cooled gases are disposed of into sulfuric acid.

Shtyurts Alexander, director of maintenance and capital construction of the plant, marked a period of work. According to him, the installation process of corrosion protection will last more than 60 days. The work includes a special set of measures, which are based on the technological requirements. Pre surface of the inside of the towers will be leaded and filled. Then applied layer 2a polyisobutylene. It is resistant to acidic solutions. Then there is double lining brick acid-resistant. Additional protection Ibashni housing provide carbon-graphite blocks. Developed by «layering» is necessary to prevent premature wear of housing towers. Also it will help stabilize the operation of the washing department of SCC.

According to experts Electrozink investment in this project in the current year amount to more than 48 million. RUB. Expenses for the improvement of the washing department of a sulfuric acid plant will exceed 163 million. RUB. The introduction of the equipment installed in the SCC processes scheduled for 2016.

Dmitry Binder, chief engineer of the plant, said to increase the reliability of the process equipment after the modernization. Work as new objects based on the reconstruction of 2010 will increase productivity. Annual volumes of produced sulfuric acid from the level of 177,000 tons will increase to the level of 231,000 tonnes.

Currently, the global zinc market surplus is watching. During the seven-month period, he reached the level of 157,000 tonnes. The main growth factor was the increased volume of metal production in Ikvartale and stabilization in the II. These data were provided by International Lead and Zinc Study Group. During the first half of 2015 refined zinc production increased by 9.4%. The level reached 6.994 million. Tons. metal production leaders were India and China. As for the demand side, consumption increased by 2.9%, amounting to 6,837mln. tons. In China, consumption has increased by 3.4%, growth in Europe was 0.9%. In the US, there was a decrease of 3.3%.

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