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"Technodynamics" and "Titanium Valley" will cooperate

20 July 2015

It has recently signed an agreement of intent between «technodynamics» and «special economic zone» Titanium Valley «. In «technodynamics» holding plans of the State Corporation Rostec release includes titanium products. Their main purpose — aircraft in the region a special economic zone. Signing the agreement on intention to Maxim Kuzyuk and Artemy Kyzlasov. The main topic of the talks — a joint project. Its implementation envisages several stages. In the initial phase is scheduled determining the feasibility of production performance. It is also necessary to develop a business plan. Further, the holding company «technodynamics» plans to obtain the status of resident of a special economic zone. And only then begin the implementation of the project directly.

According to M. Kuzyuk cooperation and holding «Titanium Valley» will help to significantly reduce the level of production costs. This decrease is not only the cost of manufacture of titanium products for the aviation sector. Positive dynamics will affect the logistics component. Besides accommodation for machining production matched perfectly. The future facility will be located next to the VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation. The proximity of the giant, leading to the titanium sphere holding provide additional opportunities for development.

M. Kyzlasov, General Director of «Titanium Valley» is also the future cooperation of the best in all respects. The new project will expand the titanium sector of the Sverdlovsk region. At the same time there will be additional opportunities for the development of a unique specialization Economic Zone. «Titanium Valley» is planning to organize a new high-tech production of titanium products. Provision and expansion of the existing nomenclature.

The purpose of the SEZ — association of producers of titanium products, equipment and components used in various industrial sectors. For representatives of SEZ created exceptional conditions. This production infrastructure, and multiple benefits — land, customs, administrative. With pre-tax profits in the SEZ — this option is the most attractive for residents. The project involves the guaranteed protection it from adverse changes in the Russian tax system. And its action covers all the work in the SEZ.

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