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China increases consumption of copper

21 July 2015

Analysts predict an increase in refined copper consumption in China. According to the assumptions of the peak will be in the 2022−2025 year. During this period, China uses about 13−15 mln. Tons per year. The consumption of aluminum will reach 27−29 mln. Tons per year in the period. Representatives of the China Mining Association believe that after the use of aluminum will remain at current levels.

Experts predict global growth and smelting capacity. It will be about 3% annually. Thus by 2018 the volume of copper production should reach 22.5 million. Tons. That China will be a major factor in increasing production capacity. According to experts, it can provide a 60% increase in production capacity. If expectations are met, the Chinese smelting capacity by 2018 will increase by 1.6 mln. Tons / year. It also assumes that the global potential of the copper to the period reached 30.2 million per year. Tons. China will also be the producer of most of the products.

It is expected that the use of refined lead in China will reach its peak in 2022. Consumption will be a year 6,8−7 mln. Tons. The use of refined zinc at about the same time will be 7.7−7.9 mln. Tons / year. Among the reasons for that increase demand for metals, the Association pointed out China the growth of wealth. Hence, the development of infrastructure and urbanization. At the same time began to drop from the general list. Noting the growth in demand for copper, nickel, tin, zinc, lead, aluminum and antimony, experts point to a slow development began. However representatives Association believed that when the peak demand situation will remain at this level for 10−15 years. Meanwhile, China's steel exports reduced. The June figures compared to the previous month decreased by 3.4% to 8.89 million. Tons. Such data provided the State customs of the country. The year on year increase of 25.7%, indicating low domestic demand. The growth rate of China's steel industry against the backdrop of slowing losses, the collapse of the real estate market and overproduction.

In January of this year, China's steel exports reached a record level. Then the performance came down. In February, exports reached 7.8 million tons, in March -. 7.7 million tonnes… In April results have improved somewhat — 8.54 million tons… In May, exports totaled 9.2 mln. Tons.

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