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We congratulate you on the Day of Metallurgist!

19 July 2015

In Russia and Ukraine, every third Sunday celebrated the July celebration of courageous people — the Day of Metallurgist. This holiday rightfully belongs to those whose work is the basis for all other processes. It is no secret that without the activities of metallurgists is impossible to develop a modern economy. Not only heavy and light industry depends on the activity of the steel industry. Almost every modern man to a certain extent connected with the results of metallurgists.

At the beginning of XVIIIveka Russia began to create a metallurgical history. Among the Russian metallurgical enterprises are the oldest plants of Siberia and the Urals. Even in 1705 Nikita Demidov received permission Peter ion the construction of metallurgical plants in the Urals. Demidov turned violent activities. He bought serfs and land. And by 1720 the Urals — and mostly Demidov factories — provided at least 2/3 of all Russian metal. Today, Russia is on the 5th place among the leaders in steel production. In Russia, there are three industrial steel base. Ural, Siberian and Central.

modern metallurgy — the process is fairly complex. And it is part of the whole complex of enterprises. This ore mining and enrichment of its production, a variety of alloys, products from them. This recycling of waste and scrap production of chemical products. There is plenty of auxiliary enterprises, without which industry anywhere. Because for any state metallurgy — the future framework affecting the prosperity of many sectors. But the most important component of the metallurgical industry — people, experts in their field.

Metallurgy — the profession of brave and strong spirit of the people. July 19 they deservedly take the awards, congratulations and wishes from friends and guides. Celebrate this day solemnly, and in a big way. This solemn processions, concerts and ceremonies. Celebrations are held on-site metallurgical companies. And on a day standing on the sidelines is not possible. Congratulations to you, dear metallurgists! The solid in your hands, faithful eyes, close-knit team!

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