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"Norilsk Nickel" will invest in the modernization of the Kola Peninsula in excess of 700 mln. RUB

6 July 2015

«Norilsk Nickel» continues to invest modernization subsidiary of Kola MMC. In the next phase of the project has been implemented recently, aimed at re-crushing unit. The work 2 crusher run, 2 screens, conveyor. The conveyor was manufactured by MetsoMinerals. Replacement of technical equipment the processing plant is made in stages. In general it is found six screens, crushers same. The number of installed pipelines — 3 pieces.

Preparation of the ore in the process of production is the main component of the enrichment process. Chopping ore size affects the level of extraction of cobalt and copper nickel concentrate. Modernization of the equipment allows the selection of the best modes of grinding and crushing of raw materials.

Installation of the new equipment is carried out on existing technological terms. This produced a small reconstruction of foundations. In addition, lay new communications. At this stage, the factory stage 2 of 3 equipped with modern equipment. Kola MMC modernization of the crushing unit is necessary. the number of products will be increased from its own raw materials factory when removing the metal in concentrate. «Norilsk Nickel» will invest in the project more than 700 mln. RUB.

Recently, on the Kola Peninsula started hydrotesting evaporator. This equipment is a major component in the preparation of cobalt electrolyte. To work attracted German specialists «Ebner» company. And this same company is a manufacturer and supplier of installation. Its purpose — uparka cobalt chloride electrolyte to the desired concentration. The next step — obtaining of this solution in the electrolytic cell cathode metal.

The specialists of «Ebner» and Kola I stage companies have already conducted tests. Perfected crimping on the water, tested process parameters. Tested by the action of manual and automatic modes of instrumentation. As soon it will test the installation using technological solutions. German experts claim that the Kola company and «Norilsk Nickel» own cobalt production need. Production of electrolytic cobalt — a new strategic project «Norilsk Nickel». Investing in it in the order of 2 billion. RUB.

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