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Titanium nitride coating for stainless steel

7 July 2015

Stainless steel can be safely called a unique material. It demonstrates high durability and anti-corrosion ability. In addition, the functionality of the stainless steel are very broad. But such material may be improved. Durability is enhanced by the progressive method of titanium nitride deposition.

Of course, increasing the durability of the main plus of such treatment. But in addition to titanium nitride improves the appearance of products. The treated surface acquires a gold hue. Moreover, the technological variations allow you to change the saturation, hue and color intensity. Appearance can be created «under the gold» and «under the copper.» Changing and gloss — from matt to mirror. And this shine stainless steel products with titanium nitride coating for many years to acquire. In this case we are talking about the conditions of their use in the aggressive impact of the environment. aesthetics Acquired after processing only a bonus. The layer, whose thickness does not exceed 40 micrometers, changes general properties of stainless steel.

The main positive thing — an increase in the strength characteristics. Because this technology is in high demand in the production of class «extra» tools. Also improves the wear resistance of treated surface preparations and articles. And she maintained even during subsequent machining. It's about forging, rolling, cutting. The warranty period is increased to 50 years. And it is in terms of aggressive external impacts of acid rain, smog and other phenomena. Another plus — to increase the reflectivity. Especially valuable is the coating for roofing material.

Titanium nitride compound is formed by nitriding titanium. How to apply this coating? It uses the technique of magnetron sputtering. The system consists of a cathode, an anode and a set of magnets. The protective coating is produced during nitrogen ion bombardment. A method of high speed processing is good and accuracy. The coating is applied to a metal workpiece — pipes, sheets — on the volume and finished products.

To use this method requires strict adherence to the process. Because attempts to play nitride, titanium coating artisanal doomed to failure. Products surface treated improperly, can crack and peel off during use.

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