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Export brass in the United States increased, imports fell

8 July 2015

Board manufacturers of copper and brass has published the latest statistics. In accordance therewith America increased export of rolled brass. The volume of imports fell. Evaluation of the data produced in April 2015. April rolled metal imports reached 47.8 million. Pounds. Compared with last year — 48.6 pounds — import figures were down 1.5%. April 2015 rolled exports grew by 1% to reach 22.97 million. Pounds. Indicators same period last year amounted to 22.8 million. Pounds.

The main exporter of brass rolled products in the United States is Germany. For months, Germany has delivered to the US 9.29 million. Pounds of metal. The second highest number of exports is South Korea. Deliveries volumes of her reach 9.19 million. Pounds in the United States. Third place goes to Mexico. It exports to the United States 6.01 million. Pounds of brass.

In April 2015 the volume of imports of bars, plates, sheets, foil reached 13,310,000. Pounds. The number of imported brass pipes and pipe products amounted to 18 million. Pounds. Imports of copper wire score of 4,290,000 in. Lbs. Imports of fittings, profiles and bars as a whole reached the level of 12,230,000. Pounds. In general, during 4 months were imported in the amount of brass rolling 170,160,000. Tons. This figure is 4% lower than total imports between January and April, 2014. Then the number reached 170,720,000 mark. Lbs.

According to statistics, the main destination for exports brass rolling in April 2015 became Mexico. The exported volume reached the level of about 8.18 million. Pounds. In second place, Canada is on the American brass products consumption. Delivery volumes totaled 6.38 million. pounds. In third place is China with the volume of consumption of 1.58 million. Pounds. Followed by Saudi Arabia with the indicator 0.9 million. Pounds. Volumes of supplies to Thailand reached 0.67 million. Pounds.

Overall, the number of exported strips, sheets, plates, foils reached 8.48 million. Pounds in April this year. Exports of copper wire totaled 3 million. Pounds. The exported quantity of pipes showed 4.52 million. Pounds. Bars, rods, profiles and fittings reached 6.97 million. Pounds for export. Taken together, the volume of exports of brass rolled over 4 months reached 86.78 million. Pounds. This figure is 1% higher than the results of January-April of last year. During this period, exports reached the level of 85,980,000. Pounds.

Total exports of brass rolled in the first four months of the year amounted to 86.78 million. Pounds, up 1 percent when compared with the export of 85.98 million. Pounds during January-April 2014.

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