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Buribaevsky GOK launched into operation "Southern"

27 July 2015

18.07.2015 at Buribaevskom GOK, which is part of UGMK was put into operation the barrel «South». The grand opening marked the extraction of raw materials 1st car. The first batch of copper-zinc ore at the mine is expected to be received in the middle of next year. The project has been invested more than 1 billion. RUB. The company said that the productivity of the mine will increase by 2 times after the «South» has begun operation. The volume of the resulting materials will be up to 400 000 tonnes / year. However, the introduction of the barrel in a job does not mean that the project is completed. The next step is the development of horizontal workings, to be mounting technology for 5-horizons. You also have the mountain-preparatory work.

It includes mine «October» In the raw mill Buribaevskogo base. The same name is and underground mine on its territory. «October» has operated since 1969. Development is conducted trunks «Ventilation» and «Operational». The depth of 250−360 meters. Overall for the year at the plant is extracted 220−230 thousand tons of ore. for the construction of the «South» project was put into operation in order to obtain access to the assets is not yet developed. New reserves are located at a depth exceeding 400 meters. The amount of ore of 4.32 million tons.

The construction works were in 2008. However, due to the unstable economic situation, they had to be frozen for 2 years. In spring 2010, Buribaevsky mine resumed construction of the «South». The final stage of construction of the barrel came in December 2013. Its depth was 492 meters in diameter — 6 meters. To date, work is underway on the construction of the pit head. Completed 35metrovy Koper. It arranged a pulley 2. each weighing more than 5 tons. building construction hoist is also completed. Its capacity is 35 tons. The main purpose — transportation of ore mined and descent-lifting people. By operating fully prepared electric substation, electrification and gasification. Fire pump station was put into effect.

UMMC, Russian leader manufacturer of copper continues to increase production performance. During the period, the company has provided 6mesyachny release about 199 tons of refined copper. This figure exceeds the results of same period last year by 3%. At the same time decreased the production of zinc. From January to June, the yield was 118 tons, a decrease of 1−2%.

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