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Smooth sheet: application, especially the subtleties in choosing

28 July 2015

Modern construction is focusing on the most popular and used among materials smooth sheet. Its popularity has kept more than a dozen years. And this despite the fact that the market is replenished every year with new products. Rolled galvanized steel is used for execution of works of any level of complexity. Uniform zinc layer, cover sheet, prevents corrosion. In addition to the zinc coating a special paint can be used for added protection. The coloring composition serves not only to protect, but also to enhance the decorative properties of the material. The most commonly used powder formulations. Indispensability smooth sheet based on its universality, affordable costs and a wide field of use.

Smooth sheet is used to create a roof for finishing and facade work. As the sheet of roofing material such high demand. The finishing and facade work it is used to carry out the internal interface form a «V» with a curved edge. From smooth sheet constructed fences, walls, interior ceilings. This material is simple, but very reliable. And there is hardly any area of ​​construction, it is not used. Application in the construction of only one of many. Smooth sheet is widely used in the advertising industry, in shipbuilding and mechanical engineering, and in other areas. Outdoor advertising without a smooth sheet of nowhere. Flat and smooth surface is ideal for placing pillars and signboards.

When selecting smooth sheet is to focus on quality and their individual requirements. High quality features include:

  • The certificate of compliance to the established norms;
  • A good level of flexibility and elasticity. The sheet must be bent without breaking integrity;
  • Uniform application of zinc, a polymer coating — no cracks, blisters, scratches or other damage;
  • Durability.

Galvanized steel coil-split to destination, the uniformity of the zinc coating, the possibility to extract. Destinations can be cold stamping, cold forming, utility and painting. The ability to extract may be deep, very deep and normal. The uniformity of the zinc coating thickness can be reduced or normal polythickness.

Smooth sheet thickness can range from 0.4 to 0.7 mm. Width — from 1000 to 1250 mm. The length of the set according to the customer's needs. The cost is determined in accordance with the given parameters. Also take into account the steel grade used type galvanizing.

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