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Ferroalloys increased cost, production expanded

30 July 2015

Metal Bulletin experts provided data, according to which the price of ferromolybdenum increased 20−24 July. From a warehouse in Rotterdam ferromolybdenum trading at 15−15,4 USD / kg, whereas in the beginning of the week the cost was 14,65−15,2 USD / kg. Rose and the price of molybdenum oxide. With the mark 5,6−5,75 USD / pound cost has risen to a level of 5,85−6,00 USD / lb. According to market traders gain occurred against a possible purchase SRB 5000−10 000 tons of molybdenum oxide. Such help is able to at least temporarily stabilize prices.

According to one of the traders purchasing the main news of the week. Now manufacturers do not reduce rates, keeping proposals. But it is unlikely that the purchase can be considered as a panacea. If there is no recovery of physical demand, can not count on the strengthening of the market in the long term. But from the perspective of short-term prospects of such assistance very helpful.

Moldavian Metallurgical Plant continues to expand. Planned construction of a number of other industries, including the development of ferroalloys. In a press release the company marked the planned talks and meetings. The result will be expected to agreement on the project. The new facility will allow the scale to invest in Transnistria industry. At the same time increase the amount of jobs, improve the social and economic situation in the region. In case of successful realization of the project will focus on MMP ferrosilicomanganese release. This ferroalloy contains silicon, manganese and iron. It is widely used in metallurgy in deoxidizing steel and alloyed iron.

Another project presented by JSC National Company «Socio-Entrepreneurial Corporation» Baikonur «. The project is expected to be realized in Kyzylorda. His goal — to build ferroalloy production with an annual capacity of 162 thousand tons of low-aluminum ferrosilicon. Preparation of the feasibility study is prepared for 2 years. The other day, held a discussion of the project in terms of its impact on the environment. Reviews have been positive. In production, the project will be installed powerful filters. Their use ensures capture 99.9% of dust particles. Accordingly minimal and emissions of exhaust gases. For the construction will require an investment of $ 228 million. USD. Implementation of the project will start in 2016 and will last for 4 years.

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