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The World Steel Association has published the April results

3 June 2015

According to statistics obtained volumes released Association member countries began in April 2015 amounted to 135.407 million. Tons. This figure is 1.7% lower than the results of April 2014. During this period, the level of production reached 137.778 million. Tons. Quantity released crude steel in the EU countries in April this year amounted to 14,387,000. Tons. This figure is higher than last year's April results of only 0.3% when production reaches 14,344,000. Tons.

Steel production in other European countries index reached 2.977 million. Tons. Compared with the same period of 2014, when the figures were 2.834 million. Tons, an increase of 5.1%.

The CIS countries have reduced output by 4.7%. In April 2015 they were produced 9.086 million. Tons against 8.658 million. Tons produced during the same period last year. Reduced production of crude steel enterprises in North America showed a sharp drop of 7.5%. The level of production in April 2015 reached the level of 9.079 million. tons against 9.812 million. tons in April 2014.

The amount of crude steel produced in South America decreased by 0.1% to 3.786 million. Tons in the period April 2015. African countries have produced 1.212 million. Tons of steel. This figure is by 13.2% less than the result of April last year, when the volume of the issue amounted to 1.396 million. Tons.

The countries of the Middle East during the period of crude steel was smelted 2,272,000. Tons. Compared to April 2014, when the number of steel reached 2.461 million. Tons, a decline of 7.7%. Asian indices fell 1.2%, to a level of 92,547,000. Tons against 93.642 million. Tonnes in April 2014. In Oceania, production of crude steel has made sharp jump of 18.2%, going from a mark of 0.413 million. Tons in April 2014 to 0.488 million. Tons in April 2015.

According to statistics, in April 2015 the leading steel-producing countries are located as follows. The first place is China with a volume of smelting 68,909 thousand. Tonnes. Japan on IImeste — 8402 thousand tons… India belongs to the III place — 7433 thousand tons… In the US IVmeste — 6459 thousand tons… Russia on Vmeste with the volume of 6094 thousand. Tonnes. Korea on VImeste (5788 tons.); on VIImeste Germany (3642 tons.); to VIII — Brazil (2912 tons.). Ninth position belongs to Turkey with production volumes of 2758 thousand. Tons, Xmeste Taiwan, production reached 2015 thousand. Tonnes.

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