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"Rusnikel" acquires the rights to "Ufaleynickel"

8 June 2015

Office of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Chelyabinsk region was considered the request from the company «Rusnikel». It relates to the preparation of early agreement on the transaction for the acquisition of the right of the function as the sole artist «Ufaleynickel». The main activity of the company is the production of non-ferrous metals, obtaining and processing of cobalt and nickel materials. This industrial complex, which includes a full cycle of all stages — from mining to production of nickel. To date, the company's annual production capacity is 15 000 tons of nickel.

Chelyabinsk The FAS has decided to grant the application «Rusnikelya» on the acquisition of rights. This was stipulated illegal actions capable of preventing the emergence of a healthy competition. Or the actions leading to the restriction or elimination of competition, infringement of competition law. Among the antimonopoly body with regard to «Rusnikelya» the following items:

— Avoid unwarranted arrest, reduction of production processes and implementation of the manufactured «Ufaleynickel» I production of nickel and other non-ferrous metals at an existing demand for it;

— Prevent actions concerning the unjustified reduction, stop (freeze) or conversion of facilities for the production of «Ufaleynickel» nickel and other non-ferrous metals without notifying and obtaining approval for the actions listed by the Chelyabinsk management FAS.

The «Ufaleynickel» continues to implement a program aimed at the modernization of production. At the end of April at the Serov mestrorozhdenie, source of raw materials «Ufaleynickel» received 5 modern trucks with a capacity of 40 tons.

The powers of «Rusnikel» were transferred to «Ufaleynickel» shareholders of 20.04.2015 At the same time the former sole performer, the company Highmetals KDS, prematurely ceased its operations. The reason why there was a replacement of the management company, remained unknown. This is not the first change of authorized representative. Until summer 2010, the company was part of the Coke. In late 2011, the company moved to the right Highmetals KDS. This ultimate owners of the names remain unknown.

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