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nickel surplus in 2015 will be reduced

2 June 2015

According to data provided INSG, by March of this year, a surplus of nickel on the global market reached just over 100 tonnes. This figure is significantly lower than the results of last year's same period — 10 600 tons. The March data show the lowest bar since April last year. At the specified time, there was a deficit of 2,300 tons. Nickel production in March reached 157,700 tons, the demand amounted to 157,600 tons. By the end of February of nickel reserves from producers totaled 90 100 tonnes. In January, the volume amounted to 93 thousand tons. It is also presumed INSG metal surplus in 2015 will be 20 000 tonnes, while in 2014 the figure reached 120 000 tonnes. Analysts at the Japanese company Sumitomo Metal Mining, on the other hand, talking about nickel deficit of 12 000 tonnes. If these assumptions are correct, this result will be observed for the first time in the last five years.

Federal State Statistics Service has provided the data for 4 months from the beginning of the year. Production of nickel ore in the Russian Federation for the period January-April 2015 decreased by 14.5% compared with the same period in 2014. In April of this year, production of raw nickel fell by 9.2% compared to April 2014. Compared to March 2015 results on the contrary increased by 7.5%.

Purchases of nickel by China in April 2015 increased by 234% compared to March and amounted to 18,220 tons. Compared to April 2014 the result improved by 12%. Increased imports of nickel volumes is explained by the upcoming launch of trading on ShFE. The rose and the importation of Chinese ferronickel. His April volume totaled 75.154 million tons, which is another record. Imports of raw materials and nickel concentrate has reached 3.08 million. Tons, which is higher than the March figures by 78%.

The Russian subsidiary of Kung Magnier from the Amur Minerals Corporation will receive at the disposal of the license for the development of copper-nickel deposit Coon Magnier. The cost of the license amounts to 23.6 million. RUB, her term will run until December 2034. Initial license was issued to the company in April 2004. Her term ended in December, 2014. Given that the main minerals is copper and nickel, Amur Minerals had to enlist the government to develop a resolution. In accordance with the project for 15 years, it will be processed 90 mln. Tons of ore. The content of nickel in it will be 524,000 tons, copper — 142 000 tonnes.

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