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Happy Constitution of Ukraine

28 June 2015

Constitution Day of Ukraine is a national holiday of the country. He noted each year on June 28 in honor of the adoption of the Constitution in 1996. National Day is enshrined in the Constitution itself in Article 161. For the conscious citizens of Ukraine on June 28 is not an ordinary holiday. This is a celebration, immortalized an important step taken by the government to ensure the rights of citizens on the path to independence. In addition, the Constitution, as a legal document of the country, gives it the status of a civilized power, raising the level of credibility in the world.

As the day of the Constitution of Ukraine? Of course, solemnly and in a big way. On the day of the adoption of the Basic Law of the State Street decorated with banners and flags. Everywhere we hear congratulations as ordinary citizens of the country, and the first state officials and representatives of other countries. Across the country, festive concerts and crowning celebration is unchanged colorful fireworks.

Allow us to congratulate you all on the Day of Constitution of Ukraine. On this day 19 years ago the citizens of the country have received a law guaranteeing their rights and freedom, defending their dignity and honor. Let us all every day to create a fair and free society, independent and strong state. Happy holiday, Constitution Day!

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