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In Britain, the strike will begin metallurgists

16 June 2015

08.06.2015, representatives of trade unions of workers of metallurgical and heavy industry in the UK agreed on the date of the planned strike. Over the past three decades is the most massive event. Start strikes have June 22. As to the end, it depends on the resolution of the dispute with metallurgists «Tata Steel». The reason for the strike is to improve the guidance of the retirement age of employees from 60 to 65 years.

Before the start of the strike steelmakers are planning to hold a warning period. It includes a waiver of overtime and perform additional tasks managers. Start phase scheduled to run from 17−18 June. Roy Rikhuss being the Community trade union general secretary, said that «Tata Steel» literally forced the workers to strike. Representatives of the company treated more than cool to the possibility of meaningful negotiations. Meanwhile, steelmakers are ready to defend their rights.

According Rikhussa company is not too late to return to negotiations, but at the same time preparing for the strike on June 22 will be continued. For its part, the representatives of «Tata Steel» believe that this decision hasty and inappropriate. A spokesman for the company told about the ongoing work to develop a new pension plan. In this regard, the announcement of the upcoming event is disappointing. Next, press secretary reminded of the inevitability of the changes in the pension system. To date, the fund deficit more than 2 billion pounds.

The representative of the company assured that all the comments of employees expressed during the consultation period, were listened to very carefully. In the near future the company is going to publish the measures taken to mitigate the negative impacts of the changes. This is especially true of employees, almost reached the retirement age. Press Secretary expressed hope for understanding and acceptance of the employees of the changes and the subsequent failure of the strike. The UK economy is experiencing a lot of difficulties and consequences of mass protests can be more than negative.

trade unions are going to provide financial support to participants in strikes in turn. A day of protest is estimated at 30 pounds. For the need for a strike vote all unions: UCATT, Community, Unite and GMB. Unite alone represents 6,000 workers.

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