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"Norilsk Nickel" has expanded the list of non-core assets

30 June 2015

Recently, the leader of the nickel industry, «Norilsk Nickel» has filled up the list of non-core assets. At the company's board of directors, it was decided to include them 4 Zabaykalskie field. It is about Zergunskom, Kultuminsky, Silver and Lukoganskom field. The decision was made on the basis of their low attractiveness in terms of investment.

These deposits were part of a project for the development of polymetallic deposits in the southeast of the Chita region. However, the interests of the company is now focused on developing Bystrinsky field. It is the only mine Transbaikal, which entered into a strategic development plan, «Norilsk Nickel». The decision on the concentration of efforts on the first-class assets were taken over by the «Norilsk Nickel» in the autumn of 2013. These assets include projects that bring in more than 1 billion a year. USDvyruchki. At the same time EBITDA margin should exceed 40%. Stocks also first-class assets should last at least 20 years. The company plans the elimination of most of the non-core and overseas assets by 2016. Their implementation of the «Norilsk Nickel» plans to gain more 1 billion. USD.

The company will give up the licenses for the development and Lugkoganskogo Zergunskogo field. There will demand a license to open and Kultuminsky Silver deposit. June 15 signed the relevant document approving this decision. Stocks Kultuminsky field are estimated at 624 000 tonnes of copper. Gold has 4 million. Oz silver 31 million. Oz. iron output reaches 33 million. tons. Lukoganskie resources consist of 302 000 tonnes of copper. Gold and silver, there are 1.9 million. And 19.3 million. Oz respectively.

But Maslovskoye deposit the same fate in the near future is not threatened. In late May, «Norilsk Nickel» got a chance to field development until June 1, 2035. Preparation and approval of the project must be completed before 01.06.2016 year. Work on it will start according to plan until 12.01.2016 year. Completion will take place until 01.06.2019 year. Prior to June 2021 holding company shall prepare and coordinate the project for the development of areas with approved reserves. Construction Mining starts before the beginning of December 2021. Production will begin no later than 01.06.2025 year. Until 01/06/2028, the GOK capacity will be 3 million. Tons of raw materials. At full power output of the volume of ore production to 5.3 million. Tons / year is planned to 01.06.2033 year.

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