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The volume of exports of Japanese stainless steel fell in April

9 June 2015

As provided in April 2015 by the Ministry of Finance of Japan, according to the volume of stainless steel exports decreased compared to the March figures. Number of exported steel in April reached 90,587 tons. In comparison with the March 111 096 tonnes of the reduction was 18.5%. In March, figures showed strong growth compared to February. It was 24.7% of 89 091 tonnes. Experts point out that the April export meets the average monthly level in accordance with the calculations for 2015.

The main consumer of stainless steel Japan is China. During April 2015 exports to this area amounted to 16,856 tons. It is almost 1/5 of the total number of exported Japanese stainless steel. But if we compare the figures with those for March 2015, the obvious decrease in the number of exported product to 19.9%. However, it is possible and positive developments in the near future. China plans to shut down a production line of hot-rolled at one of the largest stainless steel production in the Eastern region. Scheduled maintenance will last for 11 days.

Second place for the consumption of Japanese stainless steel covers South Korea. In this country, Japan has sent in April 2015 18,715 tonnes. Exported volumes in April relative to March figures fell by 11.2%. In third place in the number of Japanese exports of stainless steel consumption is Taiwan. Volumes of imported stainless steel made ​​in April of 12,483 tons. This figure compared with the March results below 4.4%.

The average cost of a ton of exported Japanese stainless steel in April 2015 reached 3357 USD. Compared with March, prices fell by 1.9%. The average monthly income in April 2015 through the implementation of the Japanese exports of stainless steel reached the level of 341 million. USD. This figure is significantly less than the result in March 2015 with a total income of $ 380.26 million. USD.

Analysts say the coming rise in nickel prices. Accordingly, it increases the global cost of stainless steel, as reported by MEPS experts in its report. This confidence is based on the upcoming shortage of nickel as China demand for the metal will rise, increasing at the same time the production of stainless steel in China. Demand in respect of stainless steel greatest impact will provide the automotive sector.

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