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Global stainless steel production is growing

5 May 2015

International Stainless Steel Forum has published the latest statistics. According to them, the global stainless steel production for 2014 increased by 8.3% compared to 2013. On the whole, it produced 41.70 million tons -… This figure to 3,180 million tons more than the result of 38.506 million tonnes for 2013… The lowest rate was in the period July-September 2014 — 10.173 million tons… In the 1 st quarter production volumes reached the level of 10.359 million tons, in the 2nd -. 10,174,000 tons, 4m -. 10,259,000 tons.

Smelting of stainless steel in the Americas increased by 14.6% in 2014, which amounted to 2.813 million. Tons. Growth in China has reached 14.3% — up to 21.692 million tons… The Asian region excluding China increased metal production is only 0.6%. Western Europe has improved performance by 1% to reach 7.570 mln. Tons, while 7.496 million. Tons was recorded in 2013. Development in Central and Eastern Europe fell by 6.3% to reach 277 000 tonnes.

World Steel Association has fixed stainless steel production at 138 million. Tonnes in March 2015. This figure is 2.7% lower than the result of last year's same period. According to existing data, analysts expect consumption growth of 0.5% compared to 2014. One would enjoy lower production rates, based on improvement in demand on a global scale. However, to date, the cost of the stabilization observed in the long products sector. for flat products prices continue to decline. In particular, production in China fell by 1.3% to reach 200.1 million. Tons over the previous year. In 2015, the experts suggest a decrease decline to 0.5%, a slight increase is planned in 2016. At the same time the economic situation in China continues to instill fear. National statistics indicate a reduction in export volumes in the region of 14.8% compared to last year. At 8.5% decreased the amount of investments in the construction sector, twice the performance at the beginning of 2014. The decline is observed for a minimum of one and a half years. Investments decreased by 32.4% in the purchase of land for construction in January-March 2015 relative to 2014. Thus, the association forecasts a decrease in consumption in China is only 0.5% appear overly optimistic. Metallurgical Company of China continue to accumulate reserves of steel, which are then fed into the global market by lowering prices.

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