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Jilin Liyuan Precision Manufacturing Co. will build a new facility

6 May 2015

Company «JilinLiyuanPrecisionManufacturingCo.» Is one of the leading manufacturers of aluminum products in China. The main products manufactured and sold by «JilinLiyuanPrecisionManufacturingCo.» In China — processed aluminum profiles. The company's products come and export buyers are about 18 countries and regions. Products include alloy of aluminum for the manufacture of cars and containers, industrial profiles for rail vehicles. The company also manufactures components used in the automotive and engineering industries. This radiator, bodywork, engines. «JilinLiyuanPrecisionManufacturingCo.» Bypasses their attention architectural aluminum products, manufactures decorative and building profiles, windows and doors. Among consumers of its products energy and petrochemical industry, glass industry.

Now the company plans to invest about 820 million. USDv project to build a new plant in Xinbei. The company is oriented to the production of parts made ​​of aluminum alloy for the transport. According to preliminary estimates the annual aluminum production will allow to produce 10 thousand. Tonnes of profiles and 1,500 wagons. Construction work will start in the current year. Completion of the project will be in 2018.

To date, the year the company produces 300 thousand tons of aluminum profiles. Of these, the share of value-added products account for 100 thousand. Tonnes. It also includes an aluminum alloy for the production of cars and other vehicles.

Based on materials from International Aluminium Institute in the first quarter of 2015 production of primary aluminum in the world has reached a point 13,602,000. Tons. Relatively to the same period last year the increase was 5.5%. At the same time in different regions of production figures differed significantly. In North and South America, there was a decline in production, which amounted to 27% and 3.2% (327 000 tons and 1.124 million. Tons), respectively. Release of aluminum in Western Europe increased by 4.8% to 894,000 tonnes. Eastern and Central Europe has increased production by 1.5%, amounting to 938,000 tons. Growth in China has reached 9.9% (7.205 million. Tons), the Gulf countries have improved performance by 16.1% (1.247 million. Tons). In other Asian countries, it has increased by 19.5% to 699 000 tons.

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