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Kola MMC is engaged in overhauls

26 May 2015

Subsidiary of «Norilsk nickel» Kola Mining and Metallurgical Company, is engaged in a major overhaul. Recently, in a metallurgical workshop was completed overhaul 1st reverberatory furnace. The main phase of the work is the change of the flue gas cooler. Replacement was made on special request of the Kola company in Olenegorsk mechanical plant. After that, construction was brought to the company's industrial site. The diameter of the giant metal structure reached 5.5 meters, length is 16 meters, weight — 36 tons. Installation was carried out without interrupting the current production.

Given the complexity and the need for high precision work without damaging the communications and management structures, the installation has been used 2 cranes. Gas Cooler is one of the main elements of the OP. Its function — lowering t o gases given off unit to the required performance. Also chiller produces steam that is used later in the technological processes of metallurgical plant.

On Zapolyarninskoy site Kola Mining and Metallurgical Company overhaul of warehouse business materials was produced. The reconstruction process has taken more than 12 months. During this period, the company's specialists work package was implemented. It entered the dismantling of the old shelves and partitions, restore the flooring. After the commissioning of an advanced warehouse is a room with three working areas for the reception, processing and holding of goods. Carried out redevelopment has increased the occupancy of the warehouse in 2.5 times. The new racks are manufactured according to European standard. Their capacity is about 1100 pallets.

After the modernization of cargo handling process is fully mechanized. This approach reduces the manual labor, thus increasing the speed of loading and unloading.

In March 2015 the first phase of the project for technical modernization of the crushing department concentrating production was completed in the Kola company. The total cost of the project is over 700 mln. RUB. The project will increase the volume of production of the raw material of MMC by increasing the extraction of metals in concentrate. According to preliminary calculations, the end of the work will be in October this year.

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