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«Kobelco» puts on aluminum car

25 May 2015

Corporation «Kobelco» is a long-recognized leader in the supply of steel and aluminum sheets for Japanese car manufacturers. «Kobelco» occupies among Japanese steelmakers third place. The corporation covers 9 segments. The production of steel produces only 20% of revenues in 2015. In the automotive sector, the corporation relies on a sheet of aluminum, assuming that demand for it is higher. Sales Department specialists promise 12% growth in 2015. Deliveries of these products by the leading car manufacturers' expectations to increase by 14%. In 2015 fiscal year in April recorded the highest percentage of sales.

Corporation officials said that the emphasis on aluminum production will boost income for several years. These assumptions are based on promoting the use of aluminum in automotive designs. One of the most significant customers is the Toyota Corporation. The company makes extensive use of lightweight metal throughout the automotive line. At the Camry model, especially popular in the US, is expected to produce an aluminum hood. Given the growing demands of the automotive sector, the management «Kobelco» thinks about expansion. According to preliminary calculations, in 2018 the construction of plant producing aluminum sheet can be started in the United States. Probably, the new plant will satisfy the rising demand for Toyota and other Japanese machinery manufacturers in North America.

This is not the first experience of Japanese leading companies on foreign soil. In 2013, Kobe Steel Corporation has planned the opening of China's enterprises producing aluminum body parts. Construction of Japanese industrial facility for the production of these products to China for the first time. According to preliminary calculations, the opening of the plant will take place in 2016. The production will reach an annual capacity of 100 thousand tons.

Another promising direction of the corporation — increasing electricity production. Who is considered a project concerning the construction of a thermal power plant. To increase profits is restructuring operations in the future become the translation idling some blast furnaces. This step contributes to the acquisition of Japanese steel market relative balance, given the difficulties in the global offer in abundance.

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