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"RUSAL" improves the quality of products

27 May 2015

Wanting to improve the quality of the alloys Corporation «Rusal» has created a new division in Krasnoyarsk. Foundry Center was founded on the basis of Engineering and Technology Centre Corporation. Specialized corporate center today is a necessity, given the high demands of the global market. Production of «Rusal» is constantly competing with aluminum alloys, manufactured by leading world producers.

If we talk about the activities of the Krasnoyarsk Aluminum Plant, about 30% of aluminum trademark of the total number of products available in the United States. More than 12.5% ​​goes to the EU, 25% is directed to the Asian market. The new division of ITC «Rusal» will focus on improving the quality of produced alloys. The activities in this direction is the introduction of aluminum production at the company's innovative practices, reducing the share of domestic marriage. You also need a consumer discontent analysis, the development of preventive and corrective measures.

According to Alexander Sidorov, director of Foundry Center, powers ITC staff include audits of suppliers and auxiliary alloying materials. In addition, further work with consumer composition. It will include an analysis of proposals from clients and consideration of the causes of deviations, if they arise. Experts of the Center will be to put forward their own suggestions for improving the process of manufacture of foundry capacities.

The duties of the Foundry center is intended to introduce the development and introduction into production of new alloys. To this end, representatives of the Centre will initiate the modernization of plant equipment at the enterprises of «Rusal». Also, the development of equipment will be included in their competence to produce new grades of alloys.

Currently Foundry Center oversees the project implemented at KrAZ for launching foundry industry. It is focused on the production of aluminum billets with diameters ranging from 203 mm to 457 mm. At this stage, agreements on the supply of equipment, design work started. The planned annual capacity of the line is 120 000 tonnes. The main scope of alloys — the automotive industry. According to preliminary calculations, the construction of the new complex will be launched in mid-2015.

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