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"RUSAL" modernized smelter casting line

20 May 2015

Representatives of the company «RUSAL» reported on the launch of the Khakas Aluminium Smelter modernized casting line number 2. In this project was invested 4.6 mln. USD. The production of advanced complex will make primary foundry alloys. Represents they aluminum ingots weighing 16 kg. product form was developed by specialists. First production is focused on the automotive sector. Used for the production of ingots planned elements of the engine, alloy wheels, wheel, suspension. The first batch of aluminum casting alloys, focused on the automotive industry, was made last spring. Production Annual capacity of the complex will reach 82,000 tons.

The project is a part of the new Russian strategy aimed at growth of the alloys in the total production volume. The ongoing modernization will allow to increase the share of the total alloy Khakas enterprise up to 28%, from 13 000 to 82 000 tonnes / year.

During the project implementation the company established two magnetohydrodynamic mixer, machine, feed-alloy rod. In addition, the robotic system has been adjusted to remove the oxide films. Upgraded slitochnoe receiving device, the cooling system of the casting belt. Replacement of the packaging machine, molds and casting wheel. secondary cooling chamber was installed products. In the process of this work a new casting line fully equipped with modern filtration systems, decontamination and management.

According to Yevgeny Nikitin, Director of the aluminum business of the company carried out modernization is a vivid illustration of the successful implementation of the strategy. When testing the new line was produced over 2,000 tons of aluminum casting alloys. After the complex move to production capacity, it will be possible to talk about a new level of communication with the consumer.

It should be noted that the demand for Khakas alloys plant growing quite steadily. After the release in 2014 the first batch of Russian steel alloys have received requests from customers from France, South Korea, Japan, USA, Germany, Italy and other countries. Upon receipt of these applications in the fall of experts have developed 26 specifications for alloy melting. In December last year, production began.

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