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Zaporozhye plant planned major repairs in 2015

15 April 2015

Guide Zaporozhye titanium and magnesium plant intends to increase the production capacity of the company by 30.5% in 2015. Annual production is estimated at 9,400 tons. At least, it is this value appears in the contract between the company management and its staff. In addition, the collective agreement of 2015 stipulates the holding of workshops in major plant overhauls.

According to the established plan envisages redistribution overhaul drying coke pekovovgo. The equipment installed in the shop, which produces titanium slag and titanium tetrachloride. Also, the company's management expects to modernize electric overhead traveling crane in charge department and melting raw materials. Overhaul subject and separation furnace in an amount of 5 pieces installed in the shop for the production of titanium sponge and magnesium. In addition, the overhaul will affect the heating furnace, 5 recovery furnaces, furnace crucible stationary magnesium, magnesium electrolyzers and 7 mixer sludge-electrolyte mixture. In the area of production of slabs and ingots of titanium will be the repair of the mold vacuum arc furnace. Provided overhaul for ore-smelting furnaces 1 and 2.

Overhauls of such scope are without good reason. Zaporozhye plant not only in Ukraine but also in Europe, is the only producer of titanium sponge. 2014 was quite successful for the Zaporozhye plant. Melting of titanium ingots increased by three times compared to 2013, reaching 207 tons. Director of the plant Vladimir Sivak, calls the production of ingots of titanium one of the main directions of activity ZTMC. Also Zaporizhzhya enterprise works with doped alloys, which include titanium, oxygen and aluminum. Based on the results of market research, this combination of the most in demand by consumers mill products.

At the same time the volume of the produced titanium slag and titanium sponge decreased in the past year. Production of titanium sponge has reached the level of 7200 tons against 9400 tons in 2013. The titanium slag was obtained in a volume of over 32 600 tons, while the figure in 2013 was 35 600 tons. These results were due to a power failure and the reduction of production capacity.

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