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ITRI ​​called leaders of the tin industry

20 April 2015

ITRI ​​is a member of the tin industry companies. It provides support for the leading world producers of tin industry. The main objective of the organization is to provide encouragement and assistance in the use of tin in existing and new areas of human activity.

As a membership organization ITRI provided information, rating the top ten tin-manufacturing companies remained at the 2013 level in the past year. This 8 companies provided data on the growth of production indicators in the last year with respect to the results of 2013. Chinese leaders in the top ten have increased performance due to increased supply and availability of tin concentrates and raw materials from Myanmar. «Yunnan Tin» company for the third time showed record annual tonnage of refined tin.

At the end of 2014 the first place among manufacturers of tin-leaders is «Yunnan Tin.» Production volumes in 2014 amounted to 75,924 tons with an increase in performance of 7.9%. Second place goes to the Metallurgical Corporation of Malaysia. Production volumes in 2014 reached 35,152 tons, an increase of 7.6%. In third place, «Tim RT» with the amount of output 27,550 tons and the growth rates of 16.2%. Fourth place for the «Minsur» — here the indicators have reached 24,223 tons with the growth of 0.4%. At the fifth position of «Yunnan Chengfeng», which grew by 25.1% and reached the level of production of 22 900 tonnes. Sixth place was given to the company THAISARCO. Due to the decrease of 25.7% tin production volume reached 17,085 tons. The seventh stage of settled «Guangxi China Tin» with a gain of 2.8% and the production of 12 200 tonnes. «EM Vinto» occupies the eighth position with a growth rate of 4.9% to reach 11,806 tons. Ninth place was given to «Metallo Chimique» due to lower production by 5.1% to 9814 tonnes. At last, the tenth place — the company «Gejiu-Zi-Li». Its production volume amounted to 7000 tons with the growth of 16.7% in 2014.

As for Indonesia, the representatives of the leading companies in the industry believe that the export volumes may drop in 2015 to 61 000 tonnes against the backdrop of tight control over mining operations. Upon confirmation of forecasts Indonesian shipments may be reduced by 20% relative to 2014 figures.

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