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WSA has published the latest results of

14 April 2015

The World Steel Association released the latest statistics. According to them, steel production in the EU in February 2015 decreased by 1.8% compared to February 2014. The main factor in achieving a positive growth was the production in Germany. Steel production in the country reached 3.512 million. Tons per month. However, this figure is 1.6% lower than the result in February 2014, when volumes reached 3.569 million. Tons.

In Croatia, there was a minimum level of production. Decreased production of crude steel more than 50%. As a result, output in February 2015 amounted to 10,000 tons, while in February 2014 the result reached 20 000 tons. At an annual rate, Croatia has become a leader in the reduction of production.

In Austria, France, Bulgaria, Hungary, Sweden, the Netherlands, Greece and other countries of EU-28 crude steel producing growth was observed on an annualized basis. The leader producing crude steel in February was Greece. Compared with the same period of 2014 the growth increase of 82.9%. In January-February increase in the EU-28 countries amounted to:

— Austria — 2.2% to a level of 1.333 million tons.

— Czech Republic — 2.2% to the level of 910 thousand tons.

— Finland — 3.7% to 666 thousand tons.

— The Netherlands — 0.4%, to the level of 1.149 million tons.

— Spain — 3.4% to a level of 2.395 million tons.
— Greece — 18.3%, to the level of 155 thousand tons.

The decline in production in the EU-28 amounted to sector:

— Belgium — 4.4% to a level of 1.235 million tons.

— France — 4.2%, which amounted to 2.589 million tons.

— Germany — 0.6%, to a level of 7.191 million tons.

— Bulgaria — 1.2%, which amounted to 95 thousand tons.

— Poland — 18.3%, which amounted to 1.148 million tons.

— United Kingdom — 3%, to the level of 2.033 million tons.

— Italy — 10.5%, which amounted to 3.848 million tons.

At the same time steel production in Asia demonstrates stable growth. In annual terms, only in February it reached 2.7%. The issue of Chinese crude steel reached the mark of 65.030 mln. Tons. In February 2014 the result was lower by 3.4% to 62.890 mln. Tons. India produced 6.910 mln. Tons of steel, having increased 5.6% compared to February 2014. Japan has reduced the number of indicators — 8.434 million tonnes in February 2015 against 8.449 million tonnes in February 2014… Crude steel production figures in South Korea dropped significantly — by 4.4% compared to February 2014, to the level of 5.097 million tons… Taiwan improved its performance by 2.2%, amounting to 1,790 mln. Tons against 1.752 million. Tons.

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